Motorhome owners help out the UK economy each year

Research shows that over £2 billion is invested into the economy each year by campers, caravanners and motorhome users while travelling around the United Kingdom.

The research was taken from a sample of Camping and Caravanning Club members and it found that a typical spend of a caravanner, tent camper or motorhome user each day is £32.00, a figure which does not include any site pitch fees. However, if this figure did include the fees, it could increase by up to £24 and when considering that sites will probably reinvest the pitch fees back into the sites, the additional sum is significant in terms of employment and local trade. 60% of those questioned said they spent their money in pubs, 52% in local restaurants with 72% saying they spent money visiting a tourist attraction close by including parking fees.

Over 17 million holidays are now taken in this way and an average of four days is spent on the holiday. The billions of pounds spent supporting rural businesses, local communities and historical landmarks are essential to the economy and many would argue that without that income pouring into rural economies many of these would cease to exist. The research also found that motorhome owners tend to spend more than other campers during their holiday.

According to the report, campers, including motorhome owners, are more likely to walk, swim, cycle or canoe than the average member of the general public and 97% of those who took part in the research said that being in the great outdoors has a positive impact on their lives. Motorhome owners don’t just drive to venues either, 94% said they would walk a few miles rather than drive and 100% of mobile home owners said they would never go anywhere without having good motorhome insurance.

Overall, the research is quite significant as it shows campers contribute significantly to the nation’s economy which, in turn, positively impacts rural jobs. The research also proves that campers have a desire to visit and explore new places and sample local food. Everyone asked in the research viewed camping as a healthy lifestyle option and it is reflected in the thoughts of many medical experts who perceive there is a direct link between the benefits of healthy living and the nation’s favourite holiday pastime.

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