Motorhome owners really do love their vehicle

New research shows that a significant number of male motorhome owners are choosing to spend time off work with their motorhome rather than their friends, while others are less than keen to allow their partners any time behind the wheel.

Owners throughout the United Kingdom are choosing to spend their free time in the comfort of their motorhome with 80% claiming they would prefer to either drive or wash their beloved vehicles over spending time with their friends. The research conducted by a leading insurance comparison website asked motorhome owners how they like to spend their free time during days off work, evenings, and weekends and 14% admitted they’d spent it washing and polishing the vehicle. Owners in the north-east are most likely to disregard their friends for a bit of tarmac and 16% of those living in the south-east are so protective of their motorhome that they would wait at least 12 months before letting their partner behind the wheel. The main reason given for this was they feared having to make a claim on the motorhome insurance policy. But these overprotective drivers account for just 5% of the total. The study showed that 20% lose their defensive streak sooner and allow their partner to get behind the wheel after only three months.

Owners were also asked about what minor damage annoys them the most. More than two in ten said scratches on the paintwork, while 29% regarded damage to the tyres as annoying. A smashed window came in at 26% while someone leaving a message etched in dust on the motor home came next with 20%. The news will not come as any surprise to motorhome owners who want to look after what is after all a huge investment. The only real shock is that 54 owners in a relationship indicated they would never let their partner drive the motorhome due to them being a terrible driver. The cost of motorhome insurance could have a bit to play here as an accident would mean a significant increase in insurance premiums when it comes to renewal time. So it may be wise to keep terrible drivers away from the beloved mobile home.

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