Chemical company keen to inflate interest in tyre economy

As thousands of UK motorhome owners look to save on their driving expenses by searching for cheaper fuel or motorhome insurance, a survey commissioned by one the country’s leading tyre chemical suppliers suggests drivers are ignorant of other cost cutting methods.

Lanxness commissioned Onepoll to ask 3,000 motorists their views on tyre related matters and found most drivers have very little interest or knowledge in one of the most important aspects of any vehicle. The survey found that seven out of ten drivers are still completely unaware of impending legislation surrounding tyre labelling and that only one in a hundred motorists sufficiently understood the impact tyres can have on fuel economy.

The new tyre labelling system has been designed to give ordinary motorists an easy to evaluate description of tyres they wish to purchase. Industry experts have spent long hours designing the system to help motorists make the correct choice but Kim O’Connor, Managing Director of Lanxness, is not sure the public are ready for it, saying “The impact of the new labeling system will depend heavily on the number of motorists that know these labels exist and understand how to use them. The results of our survey demonstrate that the motoring community is not yet ready and needs an easy and accessible way to understand the impact different tyres can have on their wallets and carbon footprint.”

No-one can accuse Lanxness of not trying to get their message across and they have even designed a free app for smart phones and tablets that will give motorists an insight into how much money they can save by selecting a certain type of tyre. For motorhome enthusiasts who rack up long miles on their journeys the app could really be an eye-opener. The driver feeds in information such as the grade of tyre according to the new labeling system, the price of fuel, estimated annual mileage and the driver’s style of driving. The app will then feed back the exact savings per year different types of tyres can deliver and illustrates the savings in pounds (financial savings), litres (fuel savings) and Kg (carbon savings) on a single screen.

Lanxness believe savings of almost £200 a year and emission savings of 350kgs are easily attainable for motorists who take the time to think about their tyres.

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