Catch 22

With the call for motorhome insurance providers along with all other types of motoring insurers to make a concerted effort to cut the cost of premiums, the industry may well wonder how it can reconcile the demand with events taking place in the motor industry at the moment.

For long enough motor insurers, motor producers, Government ministers and motoring organisations have debated the cost to the country of drivers with no insurance and how lower insurance premiums may help reduce the number of motorists willing to risk driving with no cover. Certainly more insurance providers are utilising telematic technology and basing insurance premiums on the evidence provided by a black box which reports on the driving capabilities behind the wheel. It has already helped to cut the cost of young driver insurance massively and when the average price of insurance for a young camper van driver can be up to £4,000 then any help is welcome.

However, the EU regulations that deny insurance companies the right to base premiums on gender is bound to result in many female drivers finding their motor home insurance quotes going up, and who will they blame? The news that many safety partnerships in the UK plan to launch a new breed of digital speed cameras in towns and cities that will catch more motorists than ever before, has also hit the headlines in the past week.

These cameras will be more cost efficient as they will not need personnel to collect and replace film at the roadside and will be left on 24 hours a day. There is no doubt that the public support most actions that catch out law breaking drivers but once again this will result in more motorists getting fines for motoring offences and points on their licence; which as we all know, tells an insurance provider they are a bigger risk and warrants that insurance provider charging more cash to provide cover.

It is a difficult time for motorists who seem to be incurring higher costs year on year but it isn’t easy for an insurance industry that has to provide its shareholders with profits and provide a system that gives the motorists of the UK confidence in their insurance cover.

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