Added dangers for motorhome owners as the nights draw in

As autumn slowly creeps towards us, motorists should be aware that the shorter days mean longer periods of danger in the evening from a motoring and vehicle security viewpoint.

As the usage of expensive gadgets and electronic devices continues to increase among motorhome owners, insurance providers are reminding owners to take extra care when it comes to securing their vehicles as the nights start to draw in. Research shows that 63% of motorhome users take items such as personal DVD players, tablets, iPods and laptops away with them on holiday, prompting concerns about the security of such items. Electronic items like these, as well as flat screen televisions, satellite navigation units and game consoles are easy to steal and dispose of anonymously, making them very attractive items to thieves.

While the advice is particularly applicable to those travelling on holiday and staying in a holiday park, a number of burglaries involving such items have been from motorhomes parked up outside their owner’s home. In fact Home Office official figures show 48% of thefts from motorhomes happen this way. For this reason owners are urged not to load the vehicle the night before and instead wait until the morning of the holiday.

Thieves can strike at any time so when loading the vehicle owners need to keep security in mind at all times and never leave their keys in the motorhome, with the engine running. It is not that uncommon for thieves to steal vehicles that have been left with their engines running and it is a scenario that will more than likely see the motorhome insurance of the vehicle become invalid as companies very rarely look favourably on a theft which could have been avoided. Modern vehicle security means it is very difficult to steal a vehicle without having the keys. Thieves know this, and they see frosty mornings as an ideal opportunity. They get up early, and will be looking for vehicles to steal. While it may be tempting to nip back into the house while the windscreen is clearing, the advice is don’t do it or the winter holiday could be ruined.

The research also revealed that 75% of motorhome owners do not like the number of cyclists on the road during the increased hours of darkness in winter. Latest statistics show that there has been a 13% rise in the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in the last twelve months. Mobile home owners also cite snow and ice (45%) and reduced visibility caused by fog and rain (20%) as the next worst things about winter driving. However, 64% say they do not let winter put them off seeing the sights and sounds of the United Kingdom.

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