Pre-planning will pay dividends

It is advice that motorhome and campervan insurance providers have been advocating for years and now one of the UK’s leading road safety charities are launching a campaign highlighting the advantages of pre-planning a night out.

The chances of a motorhome owner making a claim on their insurance policy are drastically reduced if they plan their trip in advance. Pre-journey checks on tyres, oil levels, screen wash etc. all lessen the chance of the vehicle breaking down en-route, and a basic check on the renewal dates of breakdown and vehicle insurance cover should always be a pre-requisite of any long journey. It may sound obvious to the well prepared motorist but insurance providers will know that simple checks are all too often ignored.

The same pre-planning should also apply to routes taken and accommodation booked. Today’s motorist probably has a satellite navigation device that will take him from his doorstep to the front door of a hotel just by pushing in a post code, but what happens if the device develops a fault or circumstances change and alternative routes have to be taken. A map should always have a place in a vehicle and a quick study of the route via the internet or a map in the days leading up to a long journey will pay dividends. Drivers are at their most vulnerable when their stress levels are high and people in general tend to make bad, or at best rushed, decisions when they are lost.

Pre-planning will also help once a driver has reached his venue. Knowing the whereabouts of safe and secure parking will cut down on the chance of your vehicle being stolen and ensure the journey to the restaurant or theatre can be conducted with peace of mind. It is always a good idea to reverse into a parking lot in the light so you can drive out when it is dark, and always give yourself plenty of time to complete the journey. The aforementioned sat-nav systems are a particular favourite of thieves and rushing to be on time for an appointment or a restaurant booking could easily lead to one forgetting to hide away any valuables in the vehicle.

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