Mature motorhome owners happy to embrace new technology

MotorhomeResearchers are homing in on the mature motorhome owner to discover exactly what features on a mobile home they appreciate the most, as evidence suggests older drivers are the key to boosting sales.

Since drivers over the age of 50 are more likely than any other age group to buy a new motorhome that contains all the modern technologies, the research team wanted to identify the top features that a mature driver wants the most. While older drivers as a group are relatively safe compared to the 18-24 age group, technology can still help to enhance their abilities and promote safe driving. Building upon more than a decade of research on older driver safety, the team asked 1000 motorhome owners to pick their favourite from a list of 25 technologies that assist driving.

Most popular, with 18% of votes, was blind spot warning systems that alert the driver of vehicles in proximity but out of their eye line when changing lanes, the devices also help those with limited range of motion. Motorhome insurance firms handle hundreds of claims each year from accidents classed as “blind spot accidents” and systems devised to reduce these accidents will please both owners and insurance firms. Smart headlights which adjust the range and intensity of light based on the distance of traffic as well as reducing glare and improving night vision was the second most popular at 17%. Joint third with 12% was a reverse monitoring system and a back-up safely and assistive parking system. Both technological advances enable owners to park more confidently by indicating the distance to objects, making motorhome parking easier. Reversing and parking are very common occurrences among mobile home owners and both can cause considerable damage.

In fifth place and getting the vote of 9% of respondents came a lane departure warning system that monitors the vehicle’s position and then warns the driver if they deviate outside the lane, while vehicle stability control and drowsy driver alerts both had 6%. Technological advancements in the automotive industry are happening at a rapid rate and as more and more of these features are incorporated into vehicles it is important for drivers to be knowledgeable of, and use those technologies, that can enhance safe driving and at the same time give the driver a more confident and comfortable feeling. Hopefully this will reduce the number of insurance claims made each year.

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