Famous manufacturers reports a full order book

Motorhome insurance providers in the UK will be buoyed by news emanating from the United States that one of the most famous manufacturers of mobile homes in the world are having to increase production to cope with demand.

Winnebago is a name that immediately conjures up visions of luxury living on the road and their famous motorhomes are sold worldwide with a considerable amount ending up in the UK. With models costing up to a quarter of a million pounds the recession here and in the United States meant the company experienced a problematic period. However, the company are now reporting the largest backlog in orders it has experienced in 5 years saying they now have 1884 customers waiting for delivery, such has been the demand for their products.

Winnebago’s Chief Executive, Randy Potts, said the company intend to employ more workers to cope with the demand even though they have already seen a 12% increase in staff in the last 12 months, and that their factories will ramp up production to ensure their customers get the vehicle they so desperately want. He put the increase in demand down to a high level of interest in their model catalogue for 2013 and the volume of interest in their lower price range that has seen many motorhome fans realising they could afford to buy a mobile home with such a famous name. The news of just how good their order book is looking sent their shares up by 5% and Winnebago stock has now doubled in value in the last 12 months.

In fact August proved to be a good month all round for motorhome manufacturers in the USA with almost 25,000 models being sold. The best monthly figures the industry has seen for five years and proof perhaps that the western world is slowly easing itself out of recession.

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