Motorhome owners should face up to maintenance costs

Research has found nearly one in ten United Kingdom based motorhome owners are putting themselves and their passengers at risk by delaying essential maintenance. The study also found 7% of those surveyed were neglecting to have crucial repair work carried out on their mobile homes due to money worries.

Motorhome insurance policy holders have faced increasing financial pressures in the last few years due to the continued economic instability along with increasing petrol prices that have quite quickly risen towards record levels. The current price of fuel is one of the top worries for motorhome owners as they cannot continue to explore the UK without first filling up.

However, what will worry them even more is that the research also found that an average driver will waste 10 gallons of fuel each year sitting in traffic. It is probably fair to assume this figure will be much higher for mobile home owners who are on the roads much more.

Paul McClenaghan, commercial director of the research team, has warned of the dangers of ignoring maintenance, saying “By choosing to ignore obvious faults or manufacturers’ advice, drivers are only delaying the inevitable and likely to increase the eventual cost when something fails – as well as potentially putting both themselves and other road users at risk.”

The research also found 14% do not replace their tyres until they are in or approaching dangerous levels of tread and just over a quarter (26%) do not replace the brake pads as quickly as they should. A further 31% ignoring strange engine noises and flashing warning lights, while 41% of those questioned, admitted to lacking either the time or knowledge to carry out routine maintenance work on their motorhomes.

Motorhome insurance providers along with experts from most motoring organisations warn against cost cutting measures that result in a vehicle remaining on the road when it clearly has faults. It is a policy that raises serious safety issues and owners are being urged not to ignore such faults as it will more than likely come back to haunt them later.

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