Can too much technology be dangerous?

Motorhome insurance companies will be delighted to learn that recent research reveals that over three quarters of motorists questioned said they would be happy for manufactures to come up with technology that will deactivate digital devices when they get into their mobile home.

As this is about as likely to happen as Turkeys voting for Christmas, it must be up to manufacturers to come up with safer ways for owners to continue communicating while they are ensconced in their campervans, motorhomes or whatever vehicle they may be travelling in. Incredibly, despite it being 23 times more dangerous than focusing on the road ahead, some motorhome owners are still using their hands to send a text while driving. Insurance experts are convinced some technology is actually causing accidents and this is why, they believe, it is time to draw a line in the sand and determine whether it is time to disable certain actions in the vehicle.

All distractions are not equal when it comes to danger. Talking to a passenger or glancing in the mirrors to assess the traffic is significantly less dangerous than sending a text or posting an update on a social network site. Insurance experts believe that texting while driving is the most disturbing and dangerous thing a motorist can do while driving but fines and bans are only as effective as the level of enforcement, and research shows that 88% of drivers recently questioned said they see mobile use by drivers on a daily basis. So it seems that texting is like breathing, drivers do not even know they are doing it. More than three in four mobile home owners (76%) believe vehicle technologies are too distracting and even dangerous to have. In addition, more than half (55%) argue that some manufacturers have taken technology for road use too far and furthermore three in five (61%) view their motorhome as a haven from the outside world and they do not always want to be connected while driving.

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