Security is vital for winter trips to Europe

Motorhomes are regarded by most as a luxury vehicle and as such they are bound to attract thieves and vandals. Thieves target motorhomes assuming the owners are wealthy and that there will be a plethora of expensive hi-tech items on board that they can easily steal and even more easily sell. In the United Kingdom there are some basic security measures that all owners take for granted in an effort to avoid making a claim on their motorhome insurance policy. However, when the motorhome has left the UK it is not so straightforward.

If the vehicle has to be left unattended for any period of time in Europe, owners need to think about where they leave it. Dark and deserted streets will attract opportunist thieves and the darkness will make it highly unlikely that anyone will see the thief break in. The same is true in the rural and remote regions to be found in many European countries, and when out in the country owners have to think about being stranded completely if their vehicle is taken. The best advice is to use a covered car park whenever possible, even if it costs a little extra, it is worth it.

The good news for all motorhome owners is that motorhome theft claims have fallen by 50% over the first nine months of the year compared with the same period last in 2010. However, it is not all good news as there has been an increase of 43% in accidental-damage claims over the same period. Sometimes a thief will target the vehicle itself, but sometimes a laptop or a phone is enough for a good day’s work. Thieves have also been known to smash windows abroad for twenty or thirty Euros in cash especially in big cities where drug abusers are rife.
If at all possible, park close to CCTV or traffic cameras as this will help to identify the thief in the event of a break-in and it will also increase the chances of getting possessions back.

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