End of an era as the Kombi bows out

Motorhome insurance companies will no longer be required to give quotes on brand new Volkswagen Kombi vehicles shortly after the New Year as the classic campervan finally goes out of production.

It is 63 years since the first Volkswagen Kombi rolled off the production line and over the years the simple prototype for the millions of sophisticated luxury models that came after it has retained affection with campervan fans that almost resembles a reverence. It is the vehicle that transformed a generation of new wealthy Americans and created a folk culture around sea and surf that still remains today. It is because of the popularity of the Kombi that European, North American and Antipodean holiday makers saw the value of having a vehicle that was virtually a mobile home and today tourism in these countries is massively dependant on people who hold campervan insurance cover. It has taken a little longer for the motorhome to become a major feature on the roads of the UK, maybe because of the weather, but interest in mobile homes is now at its highest in this country and campervan hire in particular is enjoying a boom period.

The German manufacturers still say that 250 new Kombis are built everyday although now they are constructed in South America. In fact the Kombi would no longer meet Government vehicle construction requirements in many European countries as they don’t have anti-lock brakes and dual air bags as standard, but Volkswagen have confirmed they will still produce their California campervan for some time yet. So there is still the chance to capture the flavour of owning a classic design and manage to get a foothold in the camaraderie to be found in classic campervan clubs throughout Britain.

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