A year in Europe, for £29 a day!

A couple of intrepid campervan travellers who returned back to the UK earlier this year have detailed the minutiae of their trip so well it is inspiring other campervan fans to try the same.

Adam and Sophie set off from the UK in April 2011 and returned in March 2012, their blog of the trip and subsequent postings of the details has attracted many would be adventurers to the website wanting more of the detailed information the couple have volunteered.

The couple travelled over 23,000 miles on their trip and visited 21 countries although they only managed to stop in 18 of them. They reckon they travelled an average of 78 miles per day and managed to average just over 33 miles per gallon for the whole journey. They listed the number of days Adam drove (170) the number of days Sophie took the wheel (19) and the number of days they shared duties (20) the rest of the 334 days they were away they obviously didn’t move. They paid to use 19 road tolls, 14 ferries, 4 tunnels and 5 vignettes. The total cost of the whole journey worked out to £9,570.19 or £28.83 a day, this did not however, include the cost of their campervan insurance which was £500.

The couple were proud to say they had managed to travel the length and breadth of Europe for slightly over £29 each a day and noted that they bought food from 115 supermarkets or food stores ate out for lunch most days but went out for an evening meal on 101 days, yes the detail was that good!. They also inform us they spent only 115 nights in parks where they had to pay a fee and in fact overnight fees amounted to just 5% of their total expenditure.

It is certainly not a trip that every mobile home owner could undertake, work restrictions ruling it out for most people, but the couple’s website is full of questions from people who have been inspired by their trip and the remarkably little cost involved.

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