Shed some light on your safety checks

With the clocks now turned back and the advent of winter on its way, motorhome insurance providers will be in full agreement with motor repair specialists Kwik-Fit that now is the time for motorhome owners to check their vehicle lights on a regular basis.

Research commissioned by the well known motor repairers shows that when it comes to vehicle lights, many drivers remain in the dark. The study shows that over a third of drivers, approximately over 12 million drivers have suffered at least one blown bulb in the last 12 months. Unfortunately the survey also discovered a similar amount of motorists don’t check their lights from one year to the next, and so rely on others to tell them when a lamp has blown. Further questioning revealed that 23% were eventually told by friends, 8% by other drivers and 3% remained ignorant until a police officer pulled them over and gave them a ticket.

Interestingly enough the drivers that do recognise they have a bulb malfunction usually discover it by seeing their cars reflection whilst driving. Although only 17% said it was the way they realised they were breaking the law, it was still the most common reason and beat those that recognised the fact by their dashboard warning system who numbered 14%. Another 13% realised they had a problem through reduced vision when driving at night.

It is a fact that more and more motorists tend to leave the upkeep of their vehicles to the garages who carry out servicing and MOTs, and although it would be unfair to tar mobile home owners with the same brush, as a nation we appear to be becoming more lazy in the upkeep of our vehicles. Simple checking procedures on tyres, brakes and lamps are no guarantee you will avoid an accident but they will certainly go some way to improve you and your passengers safety.

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