Motorhome owners with a fear of parking

Research has revealed that motorhome owners suffer from a plague of parking phobias which is putting the brakes on their confidence.

Poor parallel parking skills are leading owners to doubt their ability, with females particularly having trouble with this manoeuvre. As many as 28% of women motorhome drivers and 19% of all drivers felt they were not confident about lining their vehicle up between others because the vehicle is much larger than an average sized car. Those living in the east of England are the least confident about parallel parking and Londoners the most confident. This is probably explained by the fact that drivers in the capital find parking spaces are at a minimum and they will be used to parking their large vehicle in tight spots. The survey of 17,000 mobile home owners throughout the United Kingdom found that that 18% had changed their parking plans at the last minute because they lacked the confidence and skill to get their vehicle into the parking space available. Females (26%) were twice as likely as males (14%) to change their parking plans at the last moment and they mainly concerned shopping and eating out trips.

As many as a 26% claimed that they had blacklisted certain roads where they find parking manoeuvres too hard, while 27% will avoid certain car parks for the very same reason. Mobile home owners in Scotland and the south east of England are most likely to have done this. 22% of those questioned said they had claimed on their motorhome insurance for damage caused in parking incidents.

With more vehicles on the roads, parking problems are causing needless headaches for a lot of owners and the research highlights a skills gap that can easily be addressed. Drivers should not feel they are beyond help; almost everyone can overcome their problems with a little professional tuition and guidance.

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