November is not a popular month for insurers

Motorhome WinterResearch has shown that November is the most dangerous month for motorhome owners in the United Kingdom, with accidents going up by an average of 28%.

The study concluded that the extended periods of darkness that motorhome insurance policy holders have to face during this winter month is one of the main reasons behind the spike in accidents. November also brings with it two different conditions of light from the sun. One occurs when driving directly into the bright sunlight, which temporary blinds the driver. The second condition comes from reflected light off of another vehicle, the road, or any reflective surface. The glare-induced blindness is especially prevalent during November, due to the lower elevation of the sun in the sky.

It’s evident that most people are rightly concerned by the onset of darker nights and winter sun; however the vast majority of motorhome drivers fail to take sufficient pre-emptive action. Whether that is through a lack of technical knowledge or confidence, it is an avoidable problem that insurance firms wish drivers would take steps to avoid. Poor preparation for November is also a major factor behind the rise in incidents, with the research finding that 20% of mobile home owners were unwilling to change their driving style despite the earlier darkness, while 19% also fail to carry out safety checks or change parts on their motorhome in the weeks leading up to November. Animal collisions are also three times more likely to occur in November than they are on any day between February 1st and August 31st, probably because of the difficult driving conditions, and in fact 18% of all animal related accidents take place in November.

The research also found that 30% of those questioned admitted to being confused by the modern technology in their motorhome. Many also admitted to not having the time to carry out maintenance on their vehicle in October and November. With the night’s drawing in, drivers need to make sure they have all the necessities covered in case of emergency, including motor home insurance and breakdown cover.

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