Report shows millions of motorists prepared to drive without insurance

Uninsured drivers remain one of the biggest problems for motorhome insurance providers in the UK, but new information gleaned from a survey by the Halifax shows that more motorists than anyone can have possibly imagined are prepared to drive without adequate cover.

According to the report 10% of those questioned say they can’t afford proper insurance cover and neither can they afford to be without their vehicle. The result is that one in ten of UK motorists admit they have taken a chance and driven without insurance. No wonder then that approximately 23,000 people were injured in accidents involving uninsured drivers and that the bill for these accidents amounts to something in the region of £380 million. It is remarkable that so many people living in a “civilised” and bureaucratic country are quite prepared to break the law in such a way and risk such awful consequences… but hold on. When it comes to driving a vehicle that might be unsafe we can double the number of people prepared to risk this to one in five. Yes according to the report 20% of drivers would be prepared to invalidate any motorhome insurance they held by driving a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate.

Despite the fact there is a £1000 fine for the offence and the chance of killing themselves or someone else because their vehicle may be unsafe, millions of motorists are prepared to forego a test that costs less than £2 a week. Three quarters of those who admitted to driving a vehicle without a valid MOT said they had just forgotten to take their vehicle for a re-test, but half admitted they did not think they would get caught anyway.

Undoubtedly cost was a major reason for many motorists being so indifferent to the laws of the land but the report demonstrates what a huge job the Government and insurance providers have got in bringing down the cost of insurance for those prepared to pay for it.

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