Mobile home owners may be passing on bad habits to their children

A new survey of more than two-thousand 18 year olds whose parents have a motorhome shows that the youngsters can plainly see the driving faults of their parents. The survey involved asking youths from throughout the United Kingdom about their parents driving habits and was compiled to see if there are any possible destructive driving habits of parents observed by the teens that they may have picked up when they drive themselves.

According to the teens surveyed, a large number of parents (82%) will frequently talk on mobiles while driving their motorhome and 47% will often drive without a seatbelt. Not surprisingly the teens indicated that their parents are their primary driving influence. The survey also found that few of them speak up and ask a parent to stop engaging in distracting behaviour while driving. But there’s some good news in the study too; youngsters can impact their parent’s behaviour as when they do speak up 90% of parents will change their driving.

A huge 62% of the youngsters say they will talk on their mobile while driving, and approximately half who do not yet drive expect they will engage in this behaviour when they begin driving. A further 27% believe speeding is safe after seeing their parents do this.

The research will worry motorhome insurance firms as these bad habits could lead to accidents and claims on insurance policies. Parental influence on young drivers may help explain a clear connection between how younger drivers actually pick up their driving habits. Nearly 9 out of 10 of those taking part in the research (89%) describe themselves as safe drivers, yet many engage in risky behaviour that often leads to crashes, including speeding, neglecting to use seat belts, and talking on a mobile. What’s more, they do not view these as dangerous, again suggesting that they believe they are safe because their parents drive the same way.

A number of motorhome insurance firms are thinking about the future and writing to all policy holders asking them to avoid bad driving habits the younger generation may pick up by watching them drive.

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