Dozing drivers denote danger for all

A recent survey shows that younger drivers are more likely to fall asleep while driving than older motorists. It is a fact that may well give some small crumbs of comfort to motorhome insurance providers who usually have an older clientèle but the fact is any driver showing signs of extreme fatigue while driving is a danger to all of us.

In fact the survey was carried out in the USA but insurance experts here believe the same happens in the UK. No-one is sure exactly why younger drivers should be more susceptible to tiredness but statistics in the states tie in with the survey. Accident information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigations in 2010 estimates that young drivers aged 16-24 were 78% more likely to be drowsy at the time of their crash as drivers aged 40-59. The 2010 NHTSA statistics illustrate that one in six fatal crashes involved a driver exhibiting signs of fatigue, making it one of the biggest causes of accidents.

There are plenty of road safety organisations offering advice to motorists who start demonstrating classic symptoms of fatigue, and motorhome owners who often travel long distances in a day should pull over and rest if they experience any of the following: having trouble remembering the last few miles of your journey, missing exits or traffic signs and finding it difficult keeping your eyes open and focused. Day dreaming and yawning are often the first symptoms your body displays and it really is time to stop if you find yourself drifting from lane to lane.

In many circumstances danger signs like these can be avoided by planning your journey, including a good night’s rest the evening before you set off, and by putting planned breaks into your days schedule. In this day and age it is easy to pull off the road and inform those you are intending to meet that you will be slightly late for your rendezvous, which is ultimately a lot better than never getting there at all.

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