More mobile home owners spend time searching for insurance deals

Despite evidence that suggests car owners are likely to stick with their current insurance company, it seems mobile home owners are shopping around for the best motorhome insurance quote at least 6 weeks before their existing policy is due to expire.

Researchers questioned 10,000 vehicle owners to find out how they set about purchasing their insurance each year and the poll suggested that 61% will now compare different deals before making a commitment. The statistics show that consumers are becoming more at ease with the internet and happier to chase after that elusive great deal, as just four years ago only 36% of motorists used the net. However, a lot of people are still staying loyal to their current provider, as a mere 22% end up switching to a diff company once they have weighed up their options. This is up from 15% in 2008 which is a modest rise. The research also showed 38% of motorhome owners prefer to use the telephone to buy their insurance, but there are also clear signs that more people are starting to pay for their cover online. Indeed, the number of people using the internet to buy their next insurance has more than doubled in the last two years with a noticeable increase in the number of ‘silver surfers’ getting to grips with technology and using desktops, laptops and tablets to buy insurance.

Industry experts feel there is now far greater competition in the insurance market and they suggest employing an insurance broker to find a competitive motorhome insurance policy that will tick all the boxes and one that will not leave the policy holder out of pocket should they need to make a claim. With greater accessibility of information available online, consumers are now better placed than ever to make informed decisions regarding their insurance options. In a market where more drivers are shopping around and is increasingly price driven, it is vital that firms understand customer needs and satisfying them better than their competitors.

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