Elddis Lead the Way on Seatbelt Safety

Famous motorhome manufacturers Elddis has stepped up their efforts to promote the company’s continuing “Belts = Berths” motorhome passengers safety campaign which is now into its second year. The initiative has seen the motorhome manufacturer strive to make sure that every sleeping berth on all of their vehicles is provided with its own seat belt.

Elddis believe the campaign is very important and are proud to have become the only UK manufacturer to apply such standards. It’s an initiative that Elddis is highly passionate about and something they believe is essential to basic on-board safety; they believe others will follow where they have led.

The “Belts = Berths” campaign sees Elddis make seatbelt provision a priority and the safety straps they use undergo extensive testing before being given the green light to make sure they are safe, as well as complying with European Safety regulations. The company are so committed to safety they have made a point of detailing their extremely thorough tests, which they believe are the best in the industry. They are also confident that if the vehicle is involved in a crash that results in a claim on a motorhome insurance policy, all those using a seatbelt will be safer for doing so.

The test involves a simulated crash scenario where the force applied to the seat belt and frame is calculated taking into account the deceleration which happens in all crashes, as well as the weight of two adults sitting in the seats, and the weight of the frame itself. Elddis have a history of making safety a priority. They became the first manufacturer in the United Kingdom to gain EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval for their motorhomes three years ago and experts believe other manufacturers should follow suit.

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