Motorhome owners clueless over cost of fuel

Because they spend so much time on the road, motorhome owners are generally more desperate to save money on fuel than the average driver who just goes a few miles each day to work and back. However, research has found that many mobile home owners don’t actually know what price the fuel they are buying actually costs and just fill up the tank when it is needed.

Research conducted for the EST’s (Energy Saving Trust) Fuel Your Passion campaign found that over half (54%) could not say what the average price of a litre of fuel was. However, an impressive 60% of them say they are aware that following eco-driving tips could help them save money; but a stubborn 40% refuse to follow those tips because they are too set in their ways. The four-month Fuel Your Passion campaign aims to inspire drivers to save money behind the wheel by driving more efficiently. An app produced by the Energy Saving Trust has also been developed for smartphones which show drivers how much can be saved by simply following some simple tips and advice. Some motorhome owners are so keen to save money on fuel that they’re happy to spend time trying to find the cheapest petrol station while others use another app that tells them the cheapest place to find fuel based on their location.

It’s not hard to see why many owners don’t know the actual price of unleaded with prices rising so quickly. The Energy Saving Trust is happy to show how the impact of these unwanted rises can be reduced. The Fuel Your Passion app shows how much money can be saved by smarter driving and what the spare cash could be spent on, such as cheaper motorhome insurance or new tyres. The research found that some motorhome owners are wasting 20p per litre. Almost 46% of male respondents say they don’t like being told what to do. In comparison, only 21% of females said they wouldn’t change the way they drive to save fuel. The study took the views of 1600 mobile home owners and was conducted by Ipsos Mori on behalf of EST.

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