Government to get tough on excessive speed

Motorhome and campervan insurance companies will be delighted with Government proposals that could see drivers who are caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 30mph forced into taking extended driving tests before they get their driving licences back.

The get tough approach to motorists who have a complete disregard for the law will also be applauded by mobile home owners across the UK. Although each and every motorist in the UK will admit to having crept over the speed limit unconsciously from time to time, transgressing by over 30mph cannot be defended and doesn’t happen by accident. A driver travelling at 100mph on the motorway for instance is well aware of the fact he is travelling over 70mph.

The proposals by the Department of Transport (DfT) will see the great majority of drivers who receive a ban for a single speeding transgression now be treated in a similar fashion to those who lost their licence due to drink driving, dangerous driving and causing death by dangerous driving. Incredibly 9,000 drivers received a ban because of a single speeding offence last year, which usually indicated they were travelling more than 30 mph over the posted limit. It is thought the new proposal will also mean some drivers convicted of careless driving will receive the same treatment.

It is a brave step by the DfT because at the moment only a little over 5,000 offenders are compelled to take extended tests before they got their licence back, and each of these have been banned for a minimum of 56 days. The proposal will easily double the figure and will probably make the roads safer for the rest of us. The errant drivers will also be hit in the pocket as the extended driving test which takes approximately double the forty minutes of a conventional test also costs double the usual fee, £124 instead of £62.

Also under the same set of proposals drivers may be refused the option of a second blood test at a police station after failing a roadside breathalyser and the DfT is considering an option to confiscate the vehicles of drivers who are convicted of a drink driving offence for a second time.

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