Motorhome owners are better behaved in Ireland

The number of penalty points issued to motorhome owners driving in the Republic of Ireland has seen a significant drop of almost 10%.

The CSO (Central Statistics Office) said just under half of the points issued (48%) were for speeding, with men more likely to receive points than women. There was a rise in the overall number of offences detected, but the figures suggest that mobile home owners were being caught committing less serious offences, which attract fewer points. For example, there was an increase in the number of drivers caught on the hard shoulder of the motorway which carries a one point penalty on a licence, while speeding incurs a two point penalty. With fuel prices increasing, the last thing any owners want is points on their licence which would also mean higher motorhome insurance premiums once they have reported the points to their insurer. Mobile home owners can easily be caught out without realising it if they are driving on unfamiliar roads.

The Central Statistics Office figures also show that the number of points issued for failing to obey traffic signs fell by a huge 76%, with just eleven issued in the last twelve months. Only eight motorhome owners were penalised for negotiating a roundabout in the wrong direction, compared with twenty-eight in 2011. There was a 6% increase in points imposed for drivers caught without motorhome insurance and a similar increase in the number of mobile home owners who did not have a valid MOT Certificate. Motorhome owners are being warned that enforcement of road-traffic legislation is being made a priority in the run up to Christmas and through to the New Year.

There has been a big increase in the number of UK mobile home owners crossing the Irish Sea and exploring the gorgeous scenery that Eire has to offer. Even those who decide to stick to coastal roads are being warned that if they break the laws of the road they will receive points and a fine which could ruin a holiday and effect future insurance premiums.

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