New Motorhome Owners are Taking Dangerous Risks this Winter

Research has shown that a worrying number of new motorhome owners have admitted that they won’t bother with basic vehicle checks this winter despite the safety risks. This includes simple measures such as checking tyres or carrying basic items such as de-icer.

As well as the safety risk involved, this “can’t be bothered” attitude towards basic winter maintenance may well turn out to be a very costly error of judgement. The results also highlighted that this winter new motorhome owners will set off on their travels without carrying some of the most basic cold weather driving essentials such as a torch. Many new owners believe that because they have food, blankets and a mobile phone they will be fine if they skid off the road or get stranded in snow. If they were to speak to those who have decades of winter mobile home experience they would be alarmed at how dangerous their actions could be.

The research showed that 30% of long term motorhome owners have had a skid on an icy road, 10% have been stranded by snow and a further 10% have been left stranded by a flat battery. Luckily they were prepared for every eventuality and had no problems. However, new motorhome owners who are starting their first UK winter may not be so lucky. They are being advised that some of the simplest winter checks like inspecting the tread on the tyres and changing the oil can have a huge impact on the safety of the vehicle. They can also reduce the likelihood of a breakdown and most importantly help to avoid having to make a claim on a motorhome insurance policy.

Ignoring vital winter preparations is extremely risky as over the last few years the winter weather in the UK has become extremely unpredictable and breaking down or having an accident in these conditions can be both costly and dangerous. Meteorologists say there is a chance that the coming winter could be the coldest for decades and before the winter weather really takes its toll, experts are urging new mobile home owners to make sure their vehicles are winter-ready.

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