Trigano Expands with Acquisition of SEA Group

The Trigano Group are best known for the retail of camping equipment through their stores in France, but also as owners of a formidable number of motorhome and motor-caravan brands throughout Europe. Trigano has made an offer to acquire 100% of the share capital in struggling Italian motorhome manufacturer SEA. Trigano hopes to offer the brand a new lease of life and motorhome insurance providers are certain to be busy providing quotes for mid-2013 models.

SEA own brands such as Mobilvetta and McLouis which have experienced good sales in the past but have been struggling with economic certainty and floundering demand. Strong names like these will have surely attracted Trigano to make the purchase and there will be an ongoing requirement for after-sales and repairs for these big names.

Trends in the Motorhome Market

This year has been especially busy for mergers and acquisitions in the motorhome industry and firms have been struggling to match the pull of rising input costs with unpredictable demand. In difficult times, consumers are reluctant to part with the sort of sums that motorhome manufacturers charge and we have seen a number of firms go underwater.

It has been a trend that larger groups such as Trigano have been looking to expand their operations through external growth. The strength of Trigano’s camping accessory brand should compliment this new venture into the motorhome market and when the market becomes less volatile it is expected that Trigano will see a good return on their investment.

The merger is awaiting conformation from the French and Italian finance authorities before going ahead but we should see progress on the move early the New Year. We expect 2013 will bring interesting new challenges for the motorhome market and, hopefully, a resurgence of sales will help to make new structures successful and should give smaller firms the boost they need.

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