Motorhome Safety High on Manufacturers’ 2013 Agendas

Slow Down Drive Carefully SignWe like to moan about health and safety in this day and age, and sometimes it feels like there’s no end to the risk assessments and compliance reports that go around. However, there’s no question that the only reason that motorhome insurance providers are around is to protect against the possibility that an accident will happen.

Recently though, there have been a number of well documented incidents in the news involving caravans, motorhomes or campervans that have drawn attention to the dangers that are inherent with driving a motorhome in the UK. Because of this, manufacturers looking to put out 2013 models have been increasing the safety standards of their motorhomes.

Technology is becoming a big player in the motorhome market, and most new motorhomes come with improving features. Reversing is one of the major causes of motorhome accidents and a particularly prevalent reason for small claims and manufacturers have conquered this problem with rear-display videos mounted on dashboards. The solution has become considerably more popular over recent years and in 2013 we’re sure to see an influx of new models adopting increasingly more sophisticated variants on this technology.

One of the biggest worries on the roads at the moment is the relationship between traffic and cyclists. Unfortunately, incidents between motorhomes and cyclists are surprisingly common and the length of most motorhomes, combined with the sometimes tricky visibility, makes it a real possibility that you could collide with a cyclist.

Rear and side reversing sensors are rapidly becoming standard in motorhomes and are useful for moments when another road user gets just a little bit close. In 2013 we’re sure to see more manufacturers adopting this technology in an attempt to drive down the number of accidents that happen on the road every year.

Though we bemoan health and safety sometimes, the one place it really should be taken seriously is on the road. Consumers appreciate this and manufacturers are seeming to get it too – we’re sure to see some big progress in motorhome safety in 2013.

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