The Future of Caravan Park Expansions

There have been a number of cases in the news lately about objections to caravan parks and campsites expanding in the UK to make room for more campers, often full time residents. Land is most certainly a controversial issue in the UK at the moment and with limited, expensive space, finding a way for motorhome and caravan owners to enjoy their leisure time while keeping land available for use will be a great challenge.

At present it’s possible to offer up to five caravan or motorhome spaces on private land without planning permission. Many businesses make use of this, including pubs, hotels and hostels. However, planning permission is likely to be required if businesses wish to expand any further than this, which can often cause a number of objections.

A common fear that motorhome or caravan parks are unsightly on the landscape and green fields are preferable to white roofs and awnings and it’s definitely true that thought needs to be given to where motorhome sites are placed. It’s quite possible to minimise the environmental impact of campsites, including unsightliness, with good planning.

Equally, quality motorhome campsites are essential for the motorhome community. Without proper camping facilities, motorhome users are often forced to use town car parks which are unfit for the purpose or to camp in the wild. This can cause disputes with residents and, if it is a permanent solution can cause motorhome insurance quotes to skyrocket.

Appropriate thought certainly needs to be given to the question of expansion in the coming years, and what needs to be identified is flexibility. Landowners who are looking to offer up land could seek to build campsites for peak months and reopen the land to the public, or find an alternative use, off season. Finding the right balance between using land and preserving it for future use is the challenge that campsite owners will need to look into.

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