Motorhome Awards Shortlist Released

Gold TrophyThe long awaited shortlist for the 2013 Motorhome Awards was announced yesterday and with the award associated with Caravan Club and adjudicated by top motorhome magazines, the prizes will be much coveted. The awards themselves will take place in January after serious contemplation from the judges.

In previous years Motorhome Awards have seriously increased the number of sales and requests for motorhome insurance quotes attached to each motorhome. Winning a category can do wonders for the particular model that wins, but it’s also recognition that the brand is doing something right as well.

The awards nominate four motorhomes under each category. This year’s categories include small campervans, high-tops, a variety of single, double and non-fixed coachbuilts and, at the top end, the luxury coachbuilt which will come in at over £75,000. For most people, this is the ‘dream motorhome’ award, and will attract the affection of plenty of motorhome users.

The most hotly contested category looks to be the family coachbuilt, with the Swift Sundance, Roller Team Auto-Roller, the Dethleffs Esprit and the Bürstner Ixeo Time. Family coachbuilts are amongst the best selling motorhomes and certainly popular amongst first time buyers. There’s a definite loyalty that goes with motorhome purchases too; those that buy a good first one are often inclined to stick with the same brand for the second. Taking a win for any brand in this category could be lucrative.

If you’re thinking of making a purchase in 2013, it could be that you want to wait for the announcement – the panel of expert buyers, testers and journalists certainly know what they’re talking about. However, though the official seal of approval can be a great thing, it doesn’t always mean the winner is right for you.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for January for the announcement of the awards, but be assured we’ll have the latest comment here as soon as we know.

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