Motorhome Owners Strive to Buy Local

There has always been a culture around motorhome and campervan owners that they try to respect their local
environment and keep things self-contained, both socially and environmentally. Over the last year, social responsibility has been high on the agenda and we’ve seen a real increase in motorhome owners seeking out the best ways to help the local environment.

Though there’s nothing quite like the thrill of wild camping, motorhome users are becoming more conscious about using campsites run by local families rather than chains, thus ensuring the money they spend goes right back into the area they visited. Loyalty plays a big part when choosing a campsite and most motorhome owners would happily return to an independent site where they received great hospitality.

Equally, when eating in, we’re seeing that motorhome owners are more inclined to spend in local farm shops and grocery stores than in large supermarkets. A part of this is, undoubtedly, convenience, and many campsites are looking to cash in by starting up farm shops of their own. Plenty of sites in the UK now have fully operating local farm stores which attract not only campers in need of breakfast but customers from all over.

When the occasional calls, rather than choosing chain restaurants, we’re finding that motorhome owners are increasingly keep to dine in independents, often building relationships with local enterprises that they can then return to year on year. All of this helps to keep the local economy buzzing and different, varied stores open.

If there’s one thing that has come to define the motorhome owner of 2012, it’s that they really seek out value for money. Right across the board, from motorhomes to motorhome insurance to choosing where to eat and where to drink – motorhome owners are always on the look out for the best they can get for their money. Very often this comes from enjoying the local experience in the UK itself.

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