Big Adverts Mean Big Sales for Motorhomes

We’re exposed to advertising every moment of every day in this world; almost every TV channel we turn on, every webpage we click on and even the billboards we see on the way to work all contribute to the mass of advertising we see each and every day. However, think back to the last time you saw a motorhome advert. Most probably it was on a specialist motorhome site, perhaps even on this blog! However, what was once regarded a specialist industry is now becoming more and more mass, and motorhome companies are looking to bring their products into the public eye, targeting those who had never really thought about owning a motorhome at all. In times or rising costs for cheap airlines, increased holiday rents and busy work schedules, the motorhome is starting to appeal to whole new markets.

To approach these markets, motorhome firms are having to think big and we’re seeing that big firms with lots of capital at their disposal are foraying into mass advertising. It’s tough for smaller firms to compete on this level, but undoubtedly events like caravan and motorhome shows can help to put small and large firms on a different level.

The number of new motorhome owners we’re seeing directly impact on the derived demand for motorhome insurance. Long standing motorhome owners tend to have a relationship with an insurance provider, but new owners start with a blank slate. This market is just as competitive for insurance providers as it is for the manufacturers themselves; loyalty can really play a big part in the decision as to which insurer to plump for.

Advertising is a tricky game, but we are seeing manufacturers taking on more and more mass market channels of communication to target new markets. It could be this that makes the difference between staying afloat and going under in 2013.

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