Merry Christmas from Victor Millwell!

It’s been quite a year for the motorhome owner in 2012, we’ve seen big changes in the markets, different campsites springing up here and there and some real significant moments in the industry. 2013 should be a very exciting year, whether you’re involved in the manufacturing, retailing or just the enjoying of motorhomes and campervans! January will of course see the awards for 2013 released, this should give us a really nice flavour of the best buys for 2013. We’ll also be able to have a much closer look at what is on the market for next year, with some extremely promising new vehicles from some newly formed brands we should see some great, innovative motorhomes.

We’re hoping, of course, that the economic downturn will start to become a recovery. We’re probably going to see further rises in input prices for manufacturers, which could lead to cost increases, but gradually rising incomes will hopefully start to boost sales, get people spending and start investing in motorhomes, caravans and all the products that go along with them.

It should be a good year for motorhome insurance providers, too. Usually there’s a bit of shuffling around as customers decide to rethink their premiums in January, but hopefully a rise in sales should boost the insurance industry. More people embarking on things like conversions, too, will hopefully boost the need for specialist insurers.

So whatever you’re up to this Christmas, we hope you’ve had just as fantastic a year as us. 2013 certainly promises some great news for the motorhome market and, even if we don’t quite see that final spark of economic recovery, it must soon be on the way. From all of us here at Victor Millwell, we hope you enjoy a very merry Christmas indeed!

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