Post-Christmas Sales Could Boost the Motorhome Market

There will be plenty this year who were lucky enough to find a brand new motorhome hiding, proverbially, under the tree, but for everyone who did end up with a new camper, there will be ten who didn’t. For a lot of people, January is the time to get out there and splash the cash, and the post-Christmas rush is no different for the motorhome market.

Though we’ve seen a smattering of new models already, most 2013 models will be widely available from late December or early January. That means that for a lot of people, giving an extra two weeks could mean a much better spec on their motorhome that had they have looked to buy before Christmas. Sometimes it pays to wait the extra week.

On top of this, many motorhome owners find that motorhome peripherals are cheaper in January. It’s certainly possible that insurance companies will start offering lower motorhome insurance quotes as people begin to rethink their 2013 renewal. New customers can often benefit from these offers, particularly if they had had a relationship with the provider before.

A rise in sales should be a real cash boost for the industry, and cash is a big deal in manufacture. Lots of firms will be rising wages with inflation in January and having that extra bit of income from increased sales should help tide the finances over for a short while. We’re hoping to see a strong economic recovery in 2013, and this could mean that sluggish sales are picked up by a post-Christmas rush and then continue to rise from there.

As will all forecasts, there is no guarantee that things will get better of 2013 for the motorhome market, but from the difficult circumstances a lot of firms are in at the moment, any positive news is progress

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