Classified Ads Could Come Back

The internet has revolutionised the way people sell motorhomes, and auction websites along with specific trading websites have been the dominant way to sell a second hand motorhome for sometime. For a lot of people, though, there is a lot of risk involved with selling your motorhome online, and many motorhome owners are still choosing to stick with the old fashioned classified ad in the newspaper.

It’s true that classified adverts tend to attract serious rather than speculative interest. An online buyer would be able to ask questions of the seller regardless of whether he had any genuine interest in buying the vehicle. A lot of motorhome enthusiasts will ask questions about specific mechanical parts to help their own projects, and this can be a nuisance to the serious seller.

On top of this, it’s considerably easier to sort of the sale itself in person. Details of registration numbers, tax details and motorhome insurance transfers can all be done there and then, rather than through an often frustrating chain of emails. A lot of people simply prefer doing business in person than online.

Another major contributor is that people are spending more and more hours of the day at their computers. We’re working longer hours and, when you get home from the office, you don’t necessarily want to be using your computer to enjoy your free time. It’s much better for the eyes to flick through a magazine or newspaper than to scroll through pages and pages of motorhome adverts online.

We certainly won’t see a stop to the number of motorhomes that are being sold online, but old ways of doing the job are still hanging on in there. The technological revolution could well be settling down for a lot of motorhome owners, and those who prefer to do things offline are doing it there way.

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