Caution Over New Year’s Eve Motorhome Drink Driving

beer bottlesWe all like to have a good time on New Year’s eve and for many of us it signals the end of an enjoyable holiday period. For a lot of us that can mean a glass of wine or a beer or two and, often, a difficult conversation about who is driving home. Every year there are those who don’t have that conversation and New Year’s Even is a particular hotspot for motorhome insurance claims relating to drink driving.

Of course, this increased risk of drivers taking to the roads over the limit is counteracted by an increased police presence and, inevitably, a higher risk of being caught. The authorities will take seriously any driver taking to the road under the influence of alcohol and the penalties can range from fines to license points and complete loss of license. This can have real consequences for motorhome insurance firms, whether that’s covering the costs of ongoing court battles or simply loss of business because the policyholder is no longer eligible to drive.

It is also the case that motorhome insurance firms are needed to adjust their premiums for convicted drink-drivers. Points on any license will increase the premiums for drivers and could affect their ability to take out cover in the future.

Motorhome drivers sometimes assume that because they require a separate license to drive a motorhome that any points accumulated on the ‘motorhome’ element of the license won’t apply when they return to a car. This simply isn’t the case and a ban from the roads is a ban from all vehicles. A short journey under the influence in a motorhome could prevent you getting to work by car for the rest of the year.

It’s inevitable that there will be drink-driving cases for insurers to deal with this evening, but government campaigns and severer penalties for offending drivers have considerably reduced rates of offenders over the last few years. It’s a trend we hope will continue tonight.

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