UK Flooding Takes Toll on Motorhome Community

a flooded fieldWe’ve been experiencing some extremely unusual conditions over the last few weeks and though we Brits always like to talk about the rain, never has the weather been in the news in such a prominent way. The floods we saw just before Christmas tragically ruined the festive period for many, many people, but as the water hopefully begins to settle we’re starting to count the cost for the motorhome community.

Unfortunately, there have been individual incidents where motorhomes have been completely flooded, causing serious damage to interiors and engines of motorhomes and resulting in a quite a number of motorhome insurance claims. Many insurers are finding claims quite difficult to fulfil and have exclusions surrounding flood damage, but given the widespread nature of these floods it’s quite likely that claims will be honoured.

Alongside this, some of the worst affected have been campsite owners. Year on year, Devon is one of the most popular destinations for motorhome drivers but it appears to have taken the worst of the rain this year, and there are many campsites which are simply underwater. Damage to buildings and facilities was inevitable but is thankfully repairable, but what can’t always be recovered is the cost of business lost. Many campsites are struggling to make ends meet as it is, and a month of lost business could put some campsites in jeopardy.

It’s quite possible that the flooding will also affect future demand for camping and campsites. People in the UK are losing patience with persistent rainfall and we are seeing people selling up. This could affect future demand for campsites and we may start seeing former committed motorhome owners selling up and moving towards budget EU holidays or even going farther afield.

Our thoughts are, of course, with all of those affected by the flooding and we hope the motorhome community can swiftly recover from the damages caused by extreme weather over the last few weeks.

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