Parking Problems Plague Motorhome Community

There’s no way around it, in the UK we’re a little short of land. We don’t have the sort of space available to us that somewhere like the USA or Spain does and we’re finding it tough to accommodate a growing population. This has come to the fore most prominently in local parking debates that have raged across the country and, in particular, in popular holiday destinations in England.

Motorhome owners have often been central to these discussions and many local councils have started to change the regulations which operate in car parks. Some have banned overnight parking in city centres and others have started to raise charges to compensate for the extra congestion. Though throughout the winter motorhome traffic tends to be lower, the summer of 2013 could see more councils starting to bring in regulations which are tough on motorhomes.

However, there are plenty of legitimate defenses in favour of motorhome owners. One issue is security, and a lot of motorhome drivers on long journeys simply aren’t able to find campsites and would prefer to park in a secured car park for the night. Very few motorhome insurance claims come from motorhomes which have been parked in secure, paid areas.

Equally, though there are undoubtedly motorhome owners who do cause unnecessary congestion by parking illegally or for extended periods, the majority of motorhome owners are responsible about where they camp and park. The congestion and parking problems are wider traffic issues in many parts of the UK and even in the busiest holiday areas motorhomes still only make up a majority of the vehicles on the road.

Unfortunately the parking debate will roll on for some time and it’s quite likely that we will see a shift towards steeper charges and sharper regulations for oversized vehicles like motorhomes and campervans. All we can hope is that these changes are made with the motorhome community and the tourist industry in mind and that an amiable solution can be found between all parities.

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