Off-Season Could Charm Campervan Owners

Caravan Park & SheepThough it’s only a week into the new year, the thought of getting some fresh air away from home is a very tempting prospect for a lot of campervan owners. Traditionally the months of January, February and March are very quiet for campervan travellers, but this year we could see an increase in the number of people taking trips away in the off-season.

The first thing that will tempt travellers is prices. Campsites are well aware of the dip in demand during the winter months and many close altogether, but those that remain open often lower their prices considerably. There is definitely a good deal to be had in popular tourist areas around the South-Coast, Devon, Cornwall, and in the north of the UK. A stiff winter breeze, dramatic seas and cosy nights could well attract those who were thinking of putting off a summer holiday for financial reasons.

Equally, the peace and quiet around the winter months will appeal to campervan owners this year. For a couple of years we have seen summer holidaymakers switching from budget but relatively more expensive European trips to UK holidays, and this has meant popular tourist areas have really suffered from overcrowding. Those who are looking to experience the countryside at its finest will be in for a treat during the quiet off-season.

This could, however, posit a danger for some campervan owners. Those on a limited mileage campervan insurance deal could well find themselves doing more miles than they are covered for if they’re travelling both in the off-season and during the summer. Though this isn’t a problem in itself, it does mean that some campervan owners will need to double check their policies and usually ring their campervan insurance provider to increase the scope of their insurance.

The off-season is certainly a tempting prospect for those in need of a light relief from the winter blues. At the end of the day, cheap prices, peaceful beaches, and good old British weather really do have their charms!

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