Vintage Campervans Targeted

Fortunately, campervan thefts are not as common as they might be. Security measures have considerably improved over the last decade or so and there are a plethora of secure parking areas available across the UK. In theory, campervan owners have never felt safer. However, over the last few days you may have seen a couple of worrying news stories concerning thefts of vintage campervans.

Last week a stolen van was involved in an accident in North Yorkshire; fortunately the van had been abandoned by the thieves and nobody was seriously injured. Equally, a vintage two-tone van was stolen in Kent just after Christmas. The police have been investigating both incidents and we’re yet to hear news of recovery.

Though only a small minority of campervan owners are ever affected by thefts, these incidents are worrying for owners and it shows that there are people with both the will and the expertise to break into an drive off with a van. It really goes to highlight the importance of the right campervan insurance policy which protects you from vehicle theft as well as contents and accident cover.

In particular, those who own vintage campervans could be at risk. Not only do vintage vehicles fetch a good deal more when they are eventually sold off – whether as vehicles or as spare parts – but they don’t tend to have the modern security mechanisms you’d expect on a newer model. It’s considerably easier for a thief to start an old VW Transporter without a key than it is to disrupt the computer systems of many later models.

Owners should be thinking about where they’re storing their campervans and how they can discourage thieves. Steering locks and central alarm systems can be retrofitted to vintage models and it’s often advantageous financially to do so.

Vintage campervans will always attract interest and though we’re fortunate enough to have many more security measures available to us that ever before, it’s important that owners are doing all they can to make use of them and to make theft as difficult as possible.

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