Snow Warnings Affect Motorhome Drivers

There have been crazy temperatures forecast for the coming weeks and some newspapers have mentioned temperatures as low as minus fifteen degrees. This could come as quite a shock to most of us, but it’s not just the cold we need to worry about for our own sakes. Many motorhome owners find cold winters particularly difficult to get through and motorhomes can easily be affected by the cold.

One serious problem is the effects of freeze-thaw on pipes and water tanks. Though it’s possible to add anti-freeze to piping that doesn’t affect the drinking water supply, this isn’t a pleasant option for motorhomes with large water tanks. The only real way to prevent freeze-thaw on a water tank is to drain it before putting the motorhome into storage and owners have been strongly recommended to drain out tanks before the weekend.

Equally, one common reason for motorhome insurance claims that occur in the cold is motorhomes that just don’t start. Worn ignitions can struggle to create a spark in cold weather which ignites the engine and gets the motorhome going: it’s the same process as trying to light a fire in the ice! This is very often down to chance, but owners should keep motorhomes under cover and parked in garages wherever possible to minimise the likelihood of not being able to get on the road.

Finally, if we see any snowfall this weekend, it’s likely that the Highways Agency will issue travel warnings. Though these are precautionary, they really do apply to motorhome owners. The high centre of gravity on a motorhome makes it prone to rolling in the event a skid and the chance of doing serious damage is far greater than in a car.

Snow warnings should be heeded with great care by the motorhome community and bad weather in the UK is not to be underestimated. We’re likely to see a tangible increase in motorhome problems this weekend and we’re expect the cold snap to bite hard.

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