Concorde Reisemobile Unveils ‘Centurion’

There is certainly a trend that motorhomes are getting bigger and manufacturers are really starting to push the limits of what is possible in one vehicle. Yesterday, at this week’s Stuttgart Motor Show German Manufacturer Reisemobile kept up standards by unveiling their new offering, the Centurion which is quite simply one of the largest motorhomes we’ve ever seen.

The Centurion is built on a Mercedes-Benz three-axel chassis and powered by an enormous 12.8 litre engine. Given that the Centurion has garage space for a smaller car and copious facilities, it’s no wonder that such a massive engine is required. The gearbox is a twelve-speed fully automatic transmission, also developed my Mercedes-Benz develops an incredible amount of horsepower, again is designed to haul along huge amounts of goods.

There are no details on quite when the Centurion will be available to purchase but it’s likely that it could hit the market before the summer. If you simply can’t wait for a motorhome on this scale, though, Concorde does currently offer a Liner Plus which is still able to carry a separate car and is fitted with an equally plush interior.

Equally, we’re not sure what the price will be when the Centurion is finally released to market. This particular breed of RV is more common in the USA and there are plenty of customers there who are prepared to pay several hundred thousand pounds for vehicles like this. Of course, such an engine also produces copious emissions and the tax on these sorts of vehicles is not cheap. The motorhome insurance quotes for such expensive motorhomes do tend to be expensive as well, but there is of course a lot of motorhome to cover on these sorts of RVs.

The Centurion really is a fine example of the sort of motorhomes that are leading the market at the moment and are a sign of things to come. We’ll bring you more details of the show as soon as we know.

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