New Zealand Campers Hit by Flooding

flooded campsiteWinter is always a challenging time weather-wise and recently we’ve seen floods hit across the world. In the UK it tends to be severe rainfall that causes rivers to burst their banks and cause flooding in towns, but elsewhere in the world a combination of high rainfall, melting snow and ice can cause severe problems. New Zealand is the latest part of the world to be hit by flooding and a number of campers have recently had a lucky escape.

In one particular incident this week, the Waimea River overflowed and burst its banks, washing away a campervan and all its contents. Thankfully the four campers were unhurt, but they will be left with quite a campervan insurance claim and a few difficult nights trying to recover what they can.

Flooding has caused severe damage to the campervan and motorhome industry over the past few months and it’s not just the tourists who have suffered. Many campsites both in the UK and in popular destinations like New Zealand have been completely flooded, leaving them without business and with a serious recovery job to undertake. Often this leaves campers without a place to sleep and many have had to be evicted from campsites over the last few weeks.

Persistent rainfall is not just dangerous to the campervan community at present, it could have serious long term effects. Campers aren’t going to be inclined to invest in motorhomes or campervans for the long term if rain continues and the risk of flooding will really detriment the off-peak demand for tourist areas.

We can only hope that over the next few years we see some improvement in the weather and the flood protection for campsites and that hopefully campers can return to their favourite areas without fear of being washed out.

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