Cool Camping is Coming Back

To those in the known, campervans and motorhomes have always been cool, but it’s fair to say that the target market for camping products have always been quite niche. Equally, the market has evolved a number of specialist manufacturers and brands that pride themselves on timeless quality rather than fashion.

However, over the last few years camping seems to be coming back into mainstream fashion and reclaiming the mass appeal it had many years ago.

Developments in motorhome technology have meant that a campsite is now more luxurious than many budget hotels. Not only can you sleep in your own bed every night, but you can use a full range of cooking facilities and kitchen gadgets and you have the flexibility to take each day as it comes. A quality, spacious motorhome coupled with a good motorhome insurance policy is something many holidaymakers have found really suits their lifestyle.

On top of this, top high street brands have been getting in on the act and a change in consumer tastes towards high quality, lasting pieces has really livened the appeal of camping. There’s not much cooler for winter days than a pair of high-fashion wellies, a dark green quilted jacket and a snug knitted jumper. Camping and fashion go hand in hand at the moment and this is bring the appeal of life on the road to new markets.

Undoubtedly a change in incomes has brought about a re-evaluation of the types of holidays consumers are after. We’ve not yet seen the full effects of the economic crisis but with severe job losses an almost daily occurrence, we’re sure to see more and more families reevaluating their holidays and reclaiming a bit of time with the ones they love.

Cool camping encapsulates a mood in 2013 and, with any luck, this will encourage more and more people to get out there, enjoy a new motorhome and spend a bit of cash in UK campsites.

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