A Consumer’s Dilemma: To Rent or to Buy?

Couple with New MotorhomeMotorhomes are not cheap, we all know that, and some of the offerings from top manufacturers over the last few years have shown that prices are on the rise. For most consumers that want to enjoy the freedom that a motorhome offers, the opportunities to buy are severely decreasing and it’s becoming harder and harder to get on the motorhome ladder, as it were.

Rental firms have enjoyed the benefits of this and there has been a considerable increase in the number of part-time motorhome users. This comes alongside a time when the music festival scene in the UK is booming and has encouraged families and couples who might never have thought of renting a motorhome to try out different models and different types of rental packages.

For the consumer the choice of whether to rent or buy does come down to cost but the balance can very quickly tip either way and it depends, often, on how long you’re renting for. Campers paying for a month’s worth of rental every year soon find they’d be paying more than they would if they bought a campervan outright, and after a few years many renters decide to buy up that motorhome after all. For only two weeks of use a year, there isn’t much economy to be had in buying.

The added benefits of buying do start stacking up though when consumers start thinking about added extras. Motorhome insurance represents a big part of the rental cost, but for consumers looking to buy outright they have the flexibility to find an insurer that is able to offer them the best deal. This also becomes a significantly smaller part of the package when the costs of the entire motorhome are dealt with up front.

Equally, the buyer has the chance to really get under the bonnet of his or her motorhome: conversions, modifications and repairs are all a part of the fun for the everyday camper and though renting is likely to remain a very popular option, an increase in incomes over the next few years might boost sales in the motorhome market.

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