Motorhome Shares an Appealing Prospect

The idea of a motorhome holiday is a very enticing one: loads of flexibility, self-catering, self-sufficient living. However, the reality tends to be quite prohibitive. There has been an increasing tendency in the motorhome industry for motorhomes to get bigger and bigger, and, with that, comes bigger and bigger price tags. For a lot of people, buying a motorhome simply isn’t an option: it just costs too much.

However, there is another option, many people choose to motorhome share. There are a variety of different ways in which this works, but the most common is that motorhome owners split the cost of the motorhome upfront and share usage based upon their share of the price. This can work well if two (or more) groups want use of the vehicle at different times of the year and can compromise on a schedule.

Others choose to maintain ownership of the motorhome as best as they can, but rent it out as often as possible to enable them to keep up payments on finance arrangements. Letting a motorhome certainly can bring in the cash, and if done well it’s quite possible for motorhome owners to pay off more than the initial cost of the vehicle in the long run.

Of course, sharing a motorhome isn’t without difficulty. Lots of problems arise for motorhome insurance providers when motorhomes start becoming shared. Usually it’s difficult to split the cover between two persons, so one ends up being declared as the policyholder and the other the ‘named’ driver. Obviously, both are responsible for the safety of the vehicle, but in the event of damages, it tends to be the policyholder’s no-claims bonus that is damaged.

Equally, it can be tricky when it comes to damages for motorhome owners with a shared arrangement. Accidents are usually easy to trace but wear and tear can cause serious problems for shared owners. Motorhome sharers are usually wise to draw up some sort of contract and, of course, it’s vitally important that the motorhome insurance provider knows about the situation and usage.

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