Has Technology Revolutionised the Motorhome Industry?

smart phoneIf you think back only ten or fifteen years, motorhome camping was about exploration and the unknown: it was about good quality maps and a bit of luck. However these days there’s no need to have any fear as you go off into the great outdoors as there is so much technology around to help you on your way.

The sat-nav remains an essential item for motorhome owners and there are few who can do without them. Interactive, up-to date information is essential for avoiding traffic, picking the most efficient route, and also avoiding roads that motorhomes don’t belong on. A harmless green line on a map doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of the road but a sat-nav can and it can help you avoid a difficult situation.

Equally, the smartphone has been of great use to those who like to make their camping decisions as they go. New apps are available to help campers find sites quickly and easily and it’s often possible to check availability before you turn up. This sort of technology has brought motorhomes to the masses and is helping to attract more and more first time motorhome owners each year.

On top of all of this, the administrative hassle of buying a used motorhome has been slashed by technology. It’s now possible to find and review a motorhome online, make an offer over the phone, and collect your motorhome when you’re ready to drive off. Most motorhome insurance quotes are now renewed and offered online, making the process of trading incredibly easy indeed.

Though a lot of people like to use their motorhome to get away from the constant bombardment of emails and from using a laptop, there’s no doubt that so much technology exists to help motorhome owners get by and make the most of the time they have away.

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