Motorhome Owners Undervalue Breakdown Cover

car hazard buttonOne of the most undervalued aspects of any motorhome insurance policy is the inclusive breakdown cover. Some policies include it as standard or optional and others don’t, but many motorhome owners simply assume they have the right cover in place and, unfortunately, find themselves unstuck when they eventually do break down at the roadside and sometimes are left with large fees to pay for emergency recoveries.

Despite the importance of good breakdown cover, particularly in the winter months, insurance customers frequently don’t take into account the additional value of cover into their overarching motorhome insurance quote. Low headline quotes for inappropriate policies are attractive to customers and it is only when the policy eventually fails to deliver the goods that the problem become apparent.

Though cover is available separately from insurance policies, customers often fail to sign up to independent polices despite their best intentions. Various other outlets, such as bank accounts and travel insurance policies do also offer breakdown cover, but the standard tends to be of relatively low value and there aren’t adequate extras for most motorhome owners.

What is expected from a breakdown cover policy is also often unclear to the motorhome owner. Often it’s expected that a courtesy vehicle will be provided without charge, but this isn’t always the case. It’s vital for motorhome owners to ensure they’ve checked the details of any breakdown cover before signing up to the policy: the right additional extras are what makes the difference between a good policy and a poor one.

A good and cost effective combination of motorhome insurance and breakdown cover can be difficult to find, but the right policy is out there for everyone somewhere. In difficult economic conditions consumers are starting to become pickier about what they pay for and what they don’t: this can often start with a good evaluation of the cover they receive from their existing breakdown cover provider.

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