New Zealand Still Popular for Campers

new zealand fields and mountainsAccording to the New Zealand Motor Caravan association, motorhome and campervan visitors to the ancient islands have doubled over the last decade with numbers visiting every year now around 110,000. Many of these visitors come from the UK and Australia and for British campers New Zealand remains a top ‘must-see’ destination.

Camping in New Zealand is big business and because of the remote nature of the islands, campervan and motorhome hire companies are more or less guaranteed business. Very few visitors to New Zealand from the UK take their own motorhomes and, if they do, they can be assured of a very long boat trip indeed. This is, of course, great for the New Zealand economy as all of the tourist cash stays within the borders with motorhomes, motorhome insurance and supplies being provided domestically.

Many regular visitors even choose to purchase a motorhome in New Zealand, rather than here in the UK, for use when they visit. Aided by a third party driver, it’s possible to take a trip around the islands and leave your motorhome ready and waiting for the next visit. This is great news, too, for the camping business in New Zealand and for those offering their services as a driver or for storage.

On top of this, New Zealand is becoming increasingly accessible for visitors from the UK. Flights to the other side of the world are most definitely becoming cheaper and fuel prices are considerably lower in New Zealand than in the UK. The price gap between a holiday on the continent and somewhere like New Zealand isn’t quite closed yet, but it’s getting much smaller.

Increased visitors to places like New Zealand is reflective of the way that the market for motorhomes and the demand for motorhome holidays is on the up and that holidaymakers are making new tracks year on year.

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