The Rise of the ‘Stay-Cation’

campervan in the UKIf you’ve not yet heard of, or better still, been on a stay-cation, you’re seriously missing out! This year’s trend for holidays exploring your local area is really taking off, evidenced by good demand at this year’s BCA Caravan and Motorhome sale. By saving money on expensive flights and costly hotels, the motorhome stay-cation offers a fantastic, cost effective way of seeing new things.

The stay-cation offers real flexibility when contrasted with European or International trips. There’s no need to adhere to flight timetables, no problem worrying about motorhome or car hire at the other side, and there’s more time to sit back and enjoy yourself. The lack of travelling means you can make the most of a full day’s relaxation, rather than squeezing in holiday time in the evenings. Stay-cationers don’t even need to worry about European motorhome insurance – it’s all covered in a domestic UK policy.

It’s not just about a low cost, low fuss holiday though; it’s about getting to know what is on offer in your local area and taking the opportunity to see a different aspect of your city or region. Many people simply drive a few miles, pitch up in a local campsite and take advantage of things like restaurants that they may not have been to before, or perhaps taking the tourist route around the local attractions.

We’re blessed in the UK to have a great range of tourist attractions right at our fingertips, and if you’re not into museums or galleries, we have some of the finest countryside in the world. Stay-cations allow you to save a bit of cash and maximise your holiday time whilst still seeing and doing all the things you want to do when away. It’s no wonder that people are choosing to stay in their local area for 2013 and it’s great news that they’re choosing to do it all by motorhome!

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