Is Luxury Camping the way Forward?

luxury motorhomeIf you ask any motorhome owner why they enjoy spending their holidays in a motorhome, somewhere not too far down their list will be the idea that motorhome travel is cheap. Once the original cost of the motorhome is suffered, motorhome owners are more or less free to travel wherever they please, reliant only on the price of fuel, the odd campsite and the standard cost of living. The image of the typical budget camper comes right from this idea, but it’s not the only way to travel by motorhome: luxury camping is most certainly on the up.

With strong influence from the USA, many motorhome manufacturers are starting to branch out into high-end luxury models. Most European manufacturers have a model that is above £75,000 featured in their brochures and, of course, with the price tag comes a serious motorhome insurance policy. There are brands such as the famous Niesmann-Bischoff which are dedicated to luxury motorhomes and are driving a market for quality, high end camping.

From the other side of the deal, campsites are starting to become very serious about what they’re offering to customers. Many across Europe are investing huge amounts in improving their facilities and plenty now offer farmhouse-style breakfasts, on-site restaurants and even things like spas and massage parlours are popping up at modern campsites.

As they generally a little money to spend, this particular type of motorhome holiday appeals to older motorhome users who still enjoy the freedom of the open road but are less worried about fixing awnings in the rain or sharing a bathroom with teenage travellers! There is most certainly serious demand going into the luxury motorhome market and it’s here to stay for the future.

However appealing luxury camping may be to some, it’s just not to others. What we’re starting to see is real diversity in what campsites offer and how different places are finding different niches to appeal to.

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